What is Airport Genie Group Assistance?

The Airport Genie Group Assistance is a service that will assist with a large group either departing or arriving into the airport. The attendants will be on hand to ensure smooth navigation to help navigate through the airport on arrival, collecting the parties’ baggage and assistance to the awaiting transport. For departing passengers the Genie will assist with baggage movement, locating the check in desk, and the check in procedure, helping check in the baggage and help with over size baggage.


What do I get?

Included in the Airport Genie Group Assistance service are the following:

Group Assistance Arriving:

  • Meeting at the Aircraft.
  • Guidance to Passport Control for the group.
  • Attendants assist in the collection of baggage from the nominated carousel.
  • Attendants facilitates the smooth transfer from the Baggage Hall to the Arrivals aera and onwards to awaiting transport.

Group Assistance Departing

  • Groups is greeted by attendant on arrival at the airport.
  • Attendant assists with the transfer of baggage onto suitable baggage trolleys.
  • Attendant guides the party to the correct check in desk.
  • Attendant coordinates the checking in of oversized baggage
  • Attendant directs the group to the security gates or Fast Track areas


How does it work?

After your booking has been submitted and verified, the group leader will receive a group voucher approximately 3 days prior to the flight. On arrival the voucher will be presented to the genie attendant to verify both passengers and baggage numbers.

  • On arriving at the Airport and being greeted by the Genie agent please present the voucher for verification purposes and the agent will then be able to check party and baggage numbers.
  • The Genie will be able to advise the group on transit through the airport keeping the group together on exiting the airport or arriving service or until the party reach PAX screen for departing services.


How can i find out more information?

To find out more on our Groups facilities please contact Groups@airportgenie.com or call 01 - 9442020